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Ты обязан кормить себя и своих детей только дозволенным.
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N.N. Shakhbasi, General Director of “Barakat” Ltd.

5 reasons

Why it is advisable to use halal-products.
It is Healthy
… as an animal cut accordingly to halal rules is completely out of blood. This is the very meat that, as American scientists consider, is to be the healthiest. Practically, all meat on the markets of the USA and Europe doesn’t contain blood and is of slightly pink colour. Due to medical point of view, blood that stays in flesh is a favourable medium for bacteria spread. This process starts just 20 minutes after an animal killed and is of fulminating character. We should also take into account that during meat processing and production of semi-finished meat products, it can get frozen and de-freezen not once, that effects enormous bacteria spread.
It is of High Quality
… as for halal-products only healthy animals bred in ecologically clean regions and cut due to special technique with blood removal are used for their production. Unfortunately, not all meat-processing factories can boast of such clean raw material as in semi-finished meat products they often use blocked meat, imported meat with 5-year retention cycle, as well as genetically modified product.
It doesn’t bring any harm to your Health
… as halal meat doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and “fear hormones” that animals experience when traditional killing method is used. Animals usually smell blood and death while approaching a slaughter place. It affects their hormonic system so much that an enormous amount of adrenaline and other substances that their meat becomes stuffed with poisonous things and is hardly appropriate for food. Halal meat doesn’t have it, as animal slaughter happens in a more humane and stress-free way. There are also no transgenic additives and soya in halal meat products.
It is Right and it is Granted
… because halal meat products don’t contain any pork. Refusal from pork is one of the rule that the person who is longing for perfection both physically and spiritually follows. Of course, harmful components that pork contains can’t kill a person immediately, but it destroys our bodies gradually.
“… so eat what God has granted to you… He has forbidden to eat dead flesh, blood and pork and any alive creature that was killed for food with the name other than Allah”. (the Holy Koran. P.16, chapter 115)
“… don’t eat pork as it is not clean for you, don’t eat it and don’t touch its dead flesh…” (the Bible, B.3, the Deuteronomy 14-8).
It is Moral
All world religions pay great attention to Morality, Allowability and Health of people’s diet.
“Why don’t you eat those products that the name of God is mentioned above… Many of you lead themselves and you astray with their sins which are not hold by the knowledge”. (the Holy Koran, p.6, chapter 119).
“Who is not with me, that is against me. And who doesn’t gather with me (with the name of God), that wastes”. (the Bible, the New Testament, the Gospel from Mathew, 12:30).


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