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Ты обязан кормить себя и своих детей только дозволенным.
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This is what our customers have got used to see in our products.

N.N. Shakhbasi, General Director of “Barakat” Ltd.


It’s not a secret for anybody that healthy eating is the main thing about being healthy, cheerful and living a long and happy life. This is the reason why our diet should be various and our food healthy and products of high quality. By the way, this is the point of view not only of medical institutions but of religion too. Every religion pays special attention to the culture of healthy diet. Islam is not an exception, of course. It has got a special list of rules for proper cooking. It is called “Halal” that can be translated as “allowed, granted”. For all Muslims “halal” means that all the products are produced in accordance with Muslim traditions, don’t contain components that are prohibited for Muslims and are also clear products of “spiritual origin”.

From time immemorial the Muslims have been cutting meat using “halal” method. An animal is cut by a very sharp knife – it is cut across a jugular vein and all the blood is let out. This procedure is done not only because of religious rules but hygienic ones too. As a fresh-killed meat is a true incubator for pathogenic bacteria. Flesh without blood is harmless and has also got pleasant and delicate taste.

Nowadays halal-products are very popular all over the world and not only with Muslims.  In Novosibirsk everybody can consume halal meat products. “Barkat” Ltd. has been producing such meat products for over 16 years and has recommended itself the best way on a consumer market. The people who think of Morality, Allowability and Healthy diet have dreamed of halal products for a long time. What are the advantages of halal products?

In accordance with Islam principals halal products can’t contain pork, dead-flesh and blood. Pig is considered to be the dirtiest of all domestic animals as it eats almost everything without choosing. It is also a source of harmful microbes and parasites. Its meat can cause different dangerous diseases. To make the products juicier “Barkat” Ltd. uses health-giving olive oil.

Muslims can also have beef, lamb, goat meat and poultry, such as chicken, turkey, goose only if these animals are killed in accordance with halal principals. At the same time there must some canonical rules be obeyed, for example, some special prays must be said. As experts say, the meat of animals killed by electroshock method (which is widely used in meat factories) contains blood which is hold and coagulated inside the flesh. Whereas a jugular vein cutting-over method causes an immediate loss of consciousness and favour in letting blood out fast and free. Sharp instrument helps avoid suffering and prevents adrenaline release into flesh. Besides, all animals which are used for halal products are checked for traumas, defects and diseases.  There must be no clots and bubbles in lungs. All big blood vessels are removed from flesh.

Halal products are appropriate not only for those who confess Islam but for everybody who cares about healthy eating, no matter what confession.

“Barkat” Ltd. has started production of confectionery goods. We want to draw your attention to the fact that our products contain only natural ingredients of high quality, such as “Zeytun” olive oil, seeds and oil of black thyme, honey, butter, walnut.

The latest achievement of “Barakat” company is the production of noodles which are full nutrition. Our noodles are made from valuable sorts of wheat of high quality. We add olive oil and quail eggs. All the ingredients used for noodles production meet the demands of “halal”. Thus, our products can be used both Muslims and non-Muslims who care about their health.

We are constantly taking care of the variety of our products. We’ve recently started the production of quail eggs and quail meat, fresh beef, lamb and horse meat.

The nearest plans include launching of frozen semi-finished products line (we’ve got equipment already and are busy with final preparation for starting production of this kind).

We’ve also got a plan for starting an animal-breeding farm in the nearest future. This is going to be the biggest meat farm to the east from the Urals, and it’s going to meet the needs of population in marbled meat, beef, lamb in Russia and even abroad. We’ve already got contracts for supplies to Dubai. We’ve purchased a huge area for growing clover and corn to feed animals. Both corn and clover are useful for growing marbled meat. They improve the quality of meat.

Besides, to please our clients we can produce goods with avocado oil, sea-buckthorn oil, pumpkin oil, hips oil, grape-pit oil, cedar nuts oil, sesame seeds oil and others. We can either use our own raw material or client’s “halal”one. Moreover, if a client has got a medical check paper, he can watch the process of production.

If you’d like to buy products made due to your own recipes, our specialists will help you to work them out for you.

Besides the production of halal products, “Barakat” Ltd. is busy with enlightening and charity activities.

Within 16 years of our work 8 secondary schools have visited production areas of “Barakat” company, as schoolchildren are interested in what “halal” products are and why they are so healthy. Thanks to “Barakat” teaching activity even children nowadays are aware of what “halal” is, they know the fact that this product is ecologically clean and healthy.

“Barakat” Ltd. has been supporting children’s homes, houses for disabled and elderly people.

To prevent fraud of “halal” production of “Barakat” Ltd. company all the products are protected by holographic seals. If you see some products without them, you must be aware that this is fraud.

In the nearest future we are planning to start on-line programmes from all our production sites so that everybody could watch how and with what products “halal” goods are made.



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